We Offer Full-Service Solar

More than just an investment firm or a construction company, Birch Creek offers the whole range of services needed for solar development, from scouting to legal support to construction.

If you own more than 200 acres and want to inquire about the viability of a solar farm on your land, please contact us!

What We Do



Birch Creek leverages its team’s knowledge of and resources in the solar ecosystem to uncover valuable opportunities.



Backed by Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, a $30 billion fund, Birch Creek has the resources to support utility scale solar ventures from the ground up.



The Birch Creek team members have decades of experience developing the renewable energy sector and partnering with the more reliable contractors in the industry.



With our background and partnerships with energy law firms, we have a proven track record of navigating the complex legal challenges to develop utility scale solar ventures in any state across the nation.

Let Us Partner With You

Wherever you are in the renewable energy process, let us partner with you to get the job done